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They have a sponsor in Toruń, and a two-million barrier in Nowy Targ

Nesta with hockey players At the beginning of the week, Klub Sportowy Toruń Hockeyowa Spółka Akcyjna signed a new sponsorship agreement. The titular sponsor of the team will be Nesta for the next year. Activists in Toruń are still making efforts to attract new sponsors. Including another sponsor who will be part of the team name. They come back to the game After a year of absence, the Krynickie

Hockey Society returns to the first league games. The management board managed to obtain appropriate funds for the functioning of the team. On June 17, the team will begin preparations for the new season. In the coming days, hockey players will sign contracts. Hockey in Krynica finally turns out to be straight. The regulations (not) dispelled doubts On Friday, the 2012/2013 season was officially closed on the surface of the Nowy Targ ice rink.

Members of the board of MMKS Podhale prepared 120 statuettes, which they presented to all sponsors and partners as a thank you for the help received. Specially for this event, 60 diplomas were prepared for all members of the “Hundred Club”. While hockey players train hard, incl. Grit Series (this is the most modern high-intensity interval training) or Bodycombat (a training session where you can unleash a lot of strength and energy) activists have a hard time to crack. As always, the problem is money. After the regulations were published, it turned out that a license can only be granted to a joint-stock company that manages a given club, which shows a budget of at least PLN 2 million gross. While the costs of buying a “wild card” (200,000) were expected in Nowy Targ, the amount of two million may be a barrier for Podhale.

Summing up – in order for “Szarotka” to meet the requirements of playing in the professional league, they need financial security at the level of over PLN 2 million. Deadline for submitting “wild card” applications was extended until June 17. On June 11, in Katowice, a press conference of PHL representatives on the upcoming season is planned. When it comes to personnel matters – Tomasz Rajski is already training with the team . The future of players such as Bartłomiej Neupauer (undergoing rehabilitation), Bartłomiej Talaga (ending his career), Sebastian Biela (financial conditions) is still uncertain .

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