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Eight teams in the first league, no Podhale region

On Tuesday (June 11), PZHL announced the list of teams that signed up to play in the 1st league. There are eight teams at the moment. Thanks to an even number of teams, neither will have to pause, as was the case last season. The group of first-league players is also different from last season’s. Still, it cannot be ruled out that the number of teams will change. This mainly concerns MMKS Podhale Nowy Targ.

Today, we can officially say that Podhale has applied for a wild card to play PHL. But whether it will be able to meet all the other requirements, nobody can be sure at the moment. In Nowy Targ uphill Nowotarżanie sharply prepare for the new season. After the bikes, it’s time to run uphill. The competitors had to run 400-meter sections seven times, of which 100 meters were up a steep mountain. The endurance, strength and speed training was not light. From the beginning of the season, Nowy Targ are preparing to play in PHL. Orlik notified

The hockey players from the capital of the Opolskie Voivodeship are one of the eight clubs that signed up to participate in the Polish Hockey League games in the 2013/2014 season. Apart from the first team, the Opole players also entered three youth teams. They kept their word. As previously announced by the activists of the extraleague Unia Oświęcim, the Student Hockey Club Unia Oświęcim will play in the back of PHL. Until recently, the first-team backstage game variant was not so sure. After the PZHL announced the list of clubs willing to play in the first league, only the announcements of the activists from Chemików 4 were confirmed. UKH Debica wants to place the club in the first ice hockey league Establishing a 1st league team in Dębica would be a chance for a dozen or so players who have already finished or will soon be junior. The second league club will definitely remain in Dębica.

Playing matches in the first league would help hockey players to beat better teams and develop their skills. The final decision as to whether UKH Dębica will play in the back of PHL will be made by activists by the end of July. And this one depends on the financial issue. Talks with sponsors are underway. According to the calculations of the interested parties, they only need 150,000 to play. PLN, but to appear in the rate you need at least 800 thousand. PLN for the season. The inhabitants of Dębica prefer to play with their boys in the 1st league than to submit their 12-13 to the junior league. Ice hockey players should start in August. This shows that the entire community wants first-tier hockey.

This is evidenced by the fact that the rink will be frozen for the first time since its inception in August, so that players have a place to prepare for the season. If the UKH team is entered into the 1st league, teams from Toruń, Warsaw, Opole, Janów, Oświęcim, Nowy Targ or Krynica will come to Dębica, in which former Polish representatives play in the first league. Dutch direction Like the Kozłowski brothers, Kamil Gościmiński decided to go abroad and play hockey in the Netherlands .

Former KS Toruń player has signed a contract with a club from North Brabant. In the new season, he will perform in it together with the pupils of Zagłębie Sosnowiec. In the last season, the 23-year-old forward played 12 matches for KS Toruń before the team retired from the league. Gościmiński scored 2 goals for his team. If all the clubs meet the licensing requirements, the league composition will be as follows:
1. KS Toruń HSA
2. Naprzód Janów
3. MUKS Orlik Opole
4. HUKS Legia Warsaw
5. 1928 KTH Krynica – Zdrój
6. UKH Unia Oświęcim 7
. SMS I Sosnowiec
8 UKH Debica

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